People often ask me “what do you do? what is a compositor?” So I hope that this page will go some way into answering that. This is just a small collection of compositing work that I have completed on a variety of projects. The scale of VFX ranges from rig removals, stabilizing, screen inserts, to green/blue screen, 3D integration, grading and much more.


SZKB ‘Summer

A brief look at what went into the compositing for this commercial for SZKB. I worked in collaboration with PULK member Roman Kaelin. Created with Houdini and rendered with Redshift composited and graded in Nuke.


A quick breakdown of one of the many shots that I worked on for the Swiss film 'Heimatland'

Coca Cola

Graded Fottage

Ungraded ‘RAW’ Footage


A basic look into the compositing from one of many shots in the GLKB commercial. Created in collaboration with Zense.

Bell ‘festival

A short look into how this festival shot was created. created in collaboration with Stories AG.


A quick example of some of the work that I did for this UPC commercial. I also supplied on set supervision. Created in collaboration with Manifesto Films.

Credit Suisse ‘Experten

Final composited version.

Footage before compositing.

Sunrise ‘Rewards

Work included on set sfx supervision, setting up green screen shots, crowd replication, creating phone screens, & also screen replacement in three different languages. Production company Chocolate Films.